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- Mission

Our mission is to be a dynamic team, providing the highest quality construction services available. Maintain high standards in workmanship, meet customer requirements to the brim, achieve timely completion of projects by adopting innovative methods and planning, enhance organizational skills through periodic training and retention of Human resources and tireless pursuit for excellence all the time.

- Vision

We are a family owned company, committed to becoming the contractor of choice, pursuing excellence through dedication, experience and disciplined employees with an ongoing passion and excitement to deliver quality, timely and profitable projects for all.
To be an outstanding company and dominant player among the peers and delight the customers through products and services with continuous improvement.

- Our Team

-Client Review

Client Review

Infuse your life with action. Don't wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen... yourself, right now, right down here on Earth. Suryansu in my life way to success.

Mr Lalit Mohan Sahoo
Asst Manager in Bhushan Steel

Client Review

The only true measure of success is the ratio between what we might have done and what we might have been on the one hand, and the thing we have made and the things we have made of ourselves on the other. Suryansu industries will revolution in versatile Business with success.

Mr Kameshwar Kumar Sharma
Founder & Managing Director at Mark2Fashion Tech Private Limited

Client Review

Basically if you study entrepreneurs, there is a misnomer: People think that entrepreneurs take risk, and they get rewarded because they take risk. In reality entrepreneurs do everything they can to minimize risk. They are not interested in taking risk. They want free lunches and they go after free lunches. Suryansu business into entrepreneur risk will succeed I wish for.

Mr Samar Ballabha Biswal
Work in Flsmidth Pvt Ltd

Client Review

If you create great opportunities, people around the world will come support your dream. Experts are able to identify patterns related to a specific problem relevant to their area of knowledge. But because nonexperts lack that base of knowledge, they are forced to rely more on their brain's ability for abstraction rather than specificity. Suryansu help us to dream big and convert the desires into reality by employee, investor, and customer satisfaction.

Mr Santosh Bal
Sr. Manager in L&T Power

Client Review

I believe that entrepreneurs play an unmatched role and the accelerating pace of innovation is transforming the face of global challenges. You must think about the solution differently when you're trying to impact 1 billion people rather than affecting 1 million people. Success in to branding to make peoples dreams in to reality by Suryansu industrial engineering Pvt.Ltd.

Mr Biswanath Sahoo
Manager In Reliance Industries

Client Review

Great entrepreneurs focus intensely on an opportunity where others see nothing. This focus and intensity helps to eliminate wasted effort and distractions. Most companies die from indigestion rather than starvation, i.e., companies suffer from doing too many things at the same time rather than doing too few things very well. Suryansu business help us in a key to focus in our business constraints makes profits.

Mr Bhabani pattanayak
Worked at Sapient Global Markets USA

Client Review

Success is not about how much money we have in the bank, but it's about how many peoples' lives we have impacted through it. Success is experienced when we do things which are never done before. Business segment of suryansu shows complete solution for every one requirements like sales & services, consultancy,multi level marketing, E-Commerce and Astrology

Mr Sudhir Kaul
CEO in Luky Minerals

Client Review

We begin to change the world when we stimulate long-term prosperity using technology. There is not a problem that's large enough that innovation and entrepreneurship can't solve. Suryansu in a right way to customer satisfaction.

Mr Kamlesh Mishra
Project manager In Thyssonkrupp

Client Review

Success doesn't necessarily come from breakthrough innovation but from flawless execution. A great strategy alone won't win a game or a battle; the win comes from basic blocking and tackling. Versatile business of Suryansu Industrial Engineering shows bravo decision welcoming to change the nation with innovative ideas growing together. Wish Suryansu Bright Business success into miracle.

Mr.Biswajit Nayak
Admistrative incharge In Solar

Client Review

Your initial idea may or may not work, but you have to remember that a failed idea is nothing but a stepping stone to a bigger success. Suryansu group of Business for industrial and Residential sales and service with consultancy will help us a lot to energize to view dreams everything is possible in the world.

Mr. Debendranath Behera

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